World Class Coaches at Living Adventure


January 18, 2016

Living Adventure is hosting pre-season training and certification courses for our staff and various camps, organizations and individuals wanting to improve and/or professionalize their sea kayaking. Join Dale Williams and Bonnie Perry here this spring!

Along with several other organizations across the country, we are running the first pilot programs of the ACA Coastal Kayak Trip Leader certifications in 2016. For this reason and to assure excellence in training and assessment for our participants, we are proud to bring in longtime friends and top flight coaches Dale Williams and Bonnie Perry. Both Dale and Bonnie have paddled, trained and coached worldwide with the best BCU and ACA coaches. Their collective wisdom and experience brings the most up to date methodology and technical information to our courses, PLUS, they are both charismatic and fun to be around!

Information on the new ACA Trip Leader certifications, standard ACA Instructor certifications, Instructor Updates & Upgrades and details on these courses (dates, prices, logistic) can be found on the Instruction page of our website  HERE.


Bonnie has been paddling for over 19 years and coaching for 14 of them.  Her explosive growth as a coach and sea kayaker is formidable and has taken  her to tidal nooks and crannies around the planet to play with and learn  from the best. She is one of an elite group of women in North America to  earn the 5 Star Leader Award in the British Canoe Union and she has achieved the Level 4 Instructor Trainer award in the American Canoe Association as well.

Day job?

Bonnie is the Rector/Senior Pastor of All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Chicago, IL. “Yet, I believe the very best cathedrals of the world are not human creations, but rather the intersections of sea and stone, rock and water. Nor can a piece of stained glass ever equal the sun setting over the islands of the West Coast of Scotland. Paddling, sea kayaking, is an unfettered  way to enter the blazing sanctuary of Awe. Nothing makes me happier than coaching and paddling with all types of people in all types of conditions.”

DALE WILLIAMS                                                                                                                                                                                                        When it comes to fluid movement on water, Dale redefines ‘groovin’. He pioneered sea kayak surfing in the early 90’s in the southeast US and around that time founded Sea Kayak Georgia on Tybee Island, GA. His background of certifications in sports including skiing, sport parachuting and paragliding as well as aviation in the USAF plays forward into his versatility and excellence as a sea kayaking coach. Dale is an ACA L-5 Coastal Instructor Trainer Educator and former British Canoe Union L-5T Sea.

Day job?

“I once owned a kayak store and school with bricks and mortar, and I now run a more ethereal business model from home.” Dale is a wholesale distributor of Nigel Dennis Kayaks (and various other specialty gear) via his business Sea Kayaking USA. “We are rough water and expedition paddlers who test gear and make available the boats we use and believe in.” Dale’s laid back southern style blends with his state-of-the-art sea kayaking knowledge to provide students with an inspired education both on and off the water.


Between a coach that postures from “the blazing sanctuary of Awe” and one who states “I look and feel like the anti-Trump and I like that about myself” – we’re in good hands! With a serious combination of charisma, skill and passion for the student’s learning experience, Bonnie and Dale elevate the atmosphere of an ACA course into something quite beyond.