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A Celebration of Living Adventure

January 21, 2019

Huge Sale & Party


  JUNE 8-9, 2019  




Open to the Living Adventure family & friends and the Bayfield community, we invite you to come join us and be part of this grand closing celebration.

We’re giving you a perfect excuse to come up to Bayfield early season – get that piece of gear you need for the summer, buy a kayak (!) buy 10 kayaks (!) which you will be able to demo, or just hang out and enjoy the Living Adventure campus with friends, family and co-workers from previous years.

For complete and updated (as of 5/24/19) information on the entire weekend: Sale hours and all items as well as the Gala Event on June 8 – click here:

Living Adventure Closing Celebration: Updated (from below!) Sales Items and Hours for June 8-9 and Updates & Details on the Gala Party at 7:00 p.m. June 8



Everything must GO!

Sale Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Kayak & Accessories: kayaks, paddles, spray skirts, pdfs, wet suits, pumps, paddle floats, dry bags, tow lines & more!


  • Camping Gear: tents, pads, sleeping bags, stoves, fuel bottles, dry bags, foldable tables, toilet kits & more!


  • Commercial Kitchen Gear: cook kits, Lexan utensils, storage bins, stainless sinks, freezers, fridges & more!


  • Office Equipment: copy machine, printers, computers, office supplies & more!


  • Miscellaneous: landscape and garden tools, carts, benches, tables, shade umbrellas, custom drying racks for all types of gear, three 15 passenger vans, kayak trailers & more!
pic for the Sale Area

kayak gear storage


Celebration of Living Adventure

We came in big, we decided to go out BIG. We’ve rented the beautiful Pavilion building on the City Dock in Bayfield.
Capacity is around 300, so it’ll be a romping great time.

    • Program from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm


    • Emcees are Julie Buckles and Charly Ray – Inland Sea Kayak Symposium favorites


    • Program format will include highlights of various regional topics with a focus on a Living Adventure retrospective with slides and music.


  • We’ll move the chairs out and make room for: A Live Band and Dance from 8:00 pm – ??!!



16 Responses to A Celebration of Living Adventure

    • Hi Glynis,
      I am going to email you separately and I will attach our sale kayak list.
      Thanks for checking in on the website.
      Living Adventure Inc.

        • Thanks Randy, we’re glad you got to experience our operations and the joy of a small, dedicated business!
          I’ll ‘put you on the list’ to contact with the pricing when it’s ready – should be up on the website and Facebook by the end of this week (Feb.22 ish).

  1. Oh my goodness – its the end of an era.
    Gail and Grant and staff are awesome!

    …to think I was just pondering which of your island camping trips to do in 2019. :-(

    Also interested in the used gear sale. If you’re mailing out info, please add me to the list, otherwise I’ll check back here. (I’m not a Faceb’ker)


    • Hi Scott, it IS the end of an era and we are sorry to miss you this summer. I’ve grabbed your email to put on our ‘contact when sale items are posted’ list and will keep you informed. But you are correct; we will be posting up here on the website and our Facebook page and anticipate that information being up in about 10 days. Best regards for the rest of the winter!

  2. Watching the website and facebook. Interested in coming up for the sale and purchasing a couple kayaks and related equipment. We were so impressed with the trip we took last summer and the condition of everything. (Steve from Venture Crew 2334).

    • Gotcha on the list Steve! Thank you for writing in and we’ll email you again when the list is up – probably 10 days or so. Would love to see you paddle away with a couple of kayaks!

  3. Hello, we are interested in buying some kayaks as well, could you add us to the mailing list for when you have your “For Sale” list ready?

    Thank you!

    Lori & David

    • Got it Lori & David: we just wrote you a separate email and will be sure to notify you when the items and pricing are up….it’s taking us a bit longer than anticipated, but we expect it to be done by end of February!

    • Hi Leesa, thanks for the understanding! We will put you on a list to notify when the pricing is up – it’s taking us longer to get it completed and posted then we liked, but now I truly think within the week it should be up!
      Until then,
      Living Adventure Inc.

  4. Hi Gail I was just watching an HGTV episode with someone that was buying in Talum. I can not believe the changes in the area. I am so grateful I was able to travel with you. My first experience was traveling with Michealin for her workshop. I was also so grateful and excited to fill in for her on another trip. My experience with you and the area was a highlight! I wish you a happy retirement! Thank you so much to helping me experience an amazing area before it became popular!
    Deborah Rogers’s

    • How wonderful to hear from you Deborah, and I certainly remember the painting workshop where you came down with Michaelin. And YES, Tulum has gone absolutely bonkers over the last 15 years. Thank you for the kind words and we wish you too the best in all of your future adventures! Warm regards, Gail

  5. Hey Gail and Grant – I am excited to know that you are moving into the next phase of your lives. I can’t believe it has been 17 years since you started (the website says 2002 – can that be true?!?!). I will miss your party and grand closing sale but I wanted to wish you all the best. You know where to find me if you want to stay in touch. My love to both you and Grant – best wishes/luck for the future for both of you!

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