Seasonal Equipment Disorientation Disorder (S.E.D.D.)

May 18, 2014

This year the snow taunts us as it clings to slopes at our local ski area and creeps towards old age in hidden piles on the north sides of forested ravines. Stubborn lake ice is on tour, vacationing at far flung harbors from Saxon, WI to Marquette, MI to Two Harbors, MN where locals hold their breath as the fickle fate of the wind threatens cancellation of fishing tournaments and island bird watching festivals.  (click on photos to enlarge) [Read More]

Going, Going, Gone…..and back again

April 30, 2014

It seems A.D.D. is not just for hyper kids and over stressed workers. This spring both Lake Superior ice and weather seem to be having trouble staying focused on one task – WARMING UP! [Read More]

Silver & Gold

April 21, 2014

Around the end of May each year, Living Adventure staff converge in the Bayfield area to begin training for their summer work. Each season we have 30 or so talented employees whose job profiles spread across four departments; sea kayak guides, office personnel, field operations specialists and kitchen staff. Division managers oversee each area, keeping it all coordinated and fluid.
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It’s Not Just Another Lake Up North

January 28, 2014

Lake Superior is a national treasure. It feels like an ocean with endless boundaries and possibilities. A day on Lake Superior leaves you exhilarated, connected, restored. The Lake’s energy courses through your bones right to your soul.[Read More]

Yucatan Program in Transition

The Living Adventure signature Yucatan Program has hosted hundreds of people to Mexico’s Caribbean coast in a legacy that spans over 18 years. The winter of 2014 brings transition to our program as we reconfigure a future vision.[Read More]