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Yucatan Program in Transition

January 28, 2014

The Living Adventure signature Yucatan Program has hosted hundreds of people to Mexico’s Caribbean coast in a legacy that spans over 18 years. For the 2014 winter season we are in transition and will not be offering trips. The facility where we host our groups may be sold to a new owner and therefore we are unable to move ahead with assuredness in planning this season.

During the interim, we will be traveling south and spending time in the area to explore possibilities with our local staff in how to best re-configure the trips. Our hope is to transition the operation to our Mexican partners by 2015.

Victor Javier: Batik Artist

Victor Javier: Batik Artist

The Living Adventure Yucatan programs are renowned not only for the excellent sea kayaking and snorkeling opportunities on the open ocean and inland fresh water channels, but also for our art & adventure series. The core idea of these thematic weeklong programs is to fuse the exhilaration from outdoor experience into multimedia art sessions that are co-taught by American and Mayan or Mexican instructors. Participants ‘give voice to experience’ through writing, visual, culinary and movement arts.

We’ve kept our historic and 2013 winter Yucatan website pages on file as a resource to those wanting to remember a specific detail, look back at pictures of Rancho Caphe Ha or to check out what these trips were about. Plus we hope to use some of it again as a new program vision emerges. Watch for updates on trips for 2015 on our website and Facebook.

View archived Yucatan Program pages

Batik Pelican

Batik by Trip Participant

10 Responses to Yucatan Program in Transition

  1. Hi Gail, Looking forward to hearing more about what unfolds. I’ll look up my password for Trip Advisor and leave some comments there about our wonder full experiences at Cape Ha.
    Meanwhile is there a place where I can see pictures from our trip there – ceramics in 2009?

    • Presently we only have a link to the 2013 Yucatan season trips as an archive on the website. If we have a winter like this one next year; I’ll dig back and send out some of the older photos while I’m holed up indoors! Thanks for being a part of our Ceramics Trip in 2009!

  2. We are anxious to see where we will be traveling with you in the future. We’d love to go if we can swing it ? Can’t wait.
    See you at Canoeacopia ? Hope so.
    Beats. Kris

    • Yes, Living Adventure will be at Canoecopia! And you might want to check out the Brittany Trip for a next step international experience….otherwise, stay tuned for future announcements regarding the Yucatan. Thanks for being a part of it and our summer Living Adventure trips as well!

    • We hope to once again provide access to the great friends and location we enjoyed for so many years; thank you for being part of it and stay tuned!

  3. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you will soon be able to resume your excursions at Caphe Ha. What a venue. I can’t imagine a better place for Living Adventure, nor a better tenant than LA for Caphe Ha. A magical combination!

  4. As it is now almost January 2015 I’m hoping you’ll have an update for those of us who loved visiting Caphe Ha and hope to do so again soon. :)

  5. Jane; you and many others (including me) lament not having the Living Adventure Yucatan programs available. I have been traveling there periodically and still hope to have some version of a vacation/kayaking trip available there in the future, winter of 2016 could be the time!

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