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Just give our office a call for information and to get signed up for the trip of your choice. Our staff is ready to help individuals and small and large groups find the ideal paddling adventure!
Day and Half-Day Trips:
A non-refundable payment in full is due upon trip registration.

Overnight Trips:
A $75 non-refundable deposit is required for trip registration. Final balance is due 60 days from the trip departure.

A non-refundable payment of half the total rental fee is due upon registration. Final balance is due 60 days from the trip departure.
Day and Half-Day Trips:
The maximum size for full groups on these adventures is 12 participants with two guides.

Overnight Trips:
One and two night trips have a maximum of 12 participants with two guides; although group sizes are typically smaller.
Trips of three or more nights are generally limited to 6 participants with one guide.
Custom Trips and Youth Groups with larger numbers can be accommodated on both day and overnight trips.
We highly recommend the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce website as the best reference for a complete range of places to stay and activities in the area:

Highlights such as visits to Madeline Island, Big Top Chautauqua and tours of Bayfield's Orchards are always high on the list as companion activities to your paddling adventure.
Our office staff is happy to make recommendations!



For many years, dedicated ACA coaches and administrators have recognized the need for a new certification classification in coastal sea kayaking that is designed with an emphasis on the breadth of skills involved with guiding and leading trips. For a long time the ACA Level 2-5 Instructor thread of certifications, via IDWs and ICEs, was the only option for paddlers seeking coaching training and certification. These certifications are in line with coaches focusing on instruction; strokes, braces, rescues, rolling, etc. on hourly, half-day and day basis. Over time these certifications have been enhanced by the addition of various endorsements to train and assess instructors in a broad spectrum of specialized areas from skills assessments to SUP, Adaptive, Traditional and so on.

The new Coastal Kayak Trip Leader certification (CKTL) is a stand-alone certification where many components of the instructor Certification criteria are integrated, but it is not a teaching award and there is less emphasis on teaching strategies and coaching of precise technical skills and more focus on abilities such as leadership, judgement and group management.

This certification is exactly what an organization like ours, Living Adventure, needs. Our guides, both new and ongoing, certainly have to be good coaches when they introduce skills and need to effectively get their points across; but in a very short amount of time they are leading groups of customers in open water crossings where astute leadership and judgement skills are essential for a safe, optimal experience.

For the time and money we spend on training and assessment, if we had to pick one certification strategy over the other, the Trip Leader Certification is a more valuable education to our staff and the nature of their work, than the IDW/ICE route which is what we have done for 15 years. But!! The good news is many individuals will eventually seek certification in both of these venues and that combination makes for a highly skilled coach/leader with an impressive resume.

Attaining Trip Leader Certifications for organizations and individuals speaks to satisfying insurance and liability issues in the same way as becoming a certified ACA Instructor through the IDW/ICE training and assessment process.


SCROLL DOWN FOR: ACA TRIP LEADER COURSES, INSTRUCTOR UPDATES & UPGRADES:                                        (the following ACA courses are targeted for participants seeking to broaden their sea kayaking by initiating a professional track into instruction and trip leadership or by continuing to build on their present level of ACA certification. These descriptions are intended to be brief and include dates, pricing and general information. Finalized course itineraries and requirements will be mailed out by the coaches in the early spring)

COACHES MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We are excited to be bringing in a team of world class coaches for these courses:  for information on Bonnie Perry and Dale Williams check out our Blog: here            







  • DATE:  May 31-June 1
  • PRICE: $250.

Please refer to the description and prerequisites for this course found on the ACA website here

  • The expectation for participation in this course is that paddlers have had some experience with sea kayaking strokes and rescues.
  • Participants in this course are invited to stay at no cost for days 3 & 4 of the Trip Leader four day course (see below) in the role of students for those being assessed. It will be fun and educational!



  • DATE: May 31-June 3
  • PRICE: $450.

Please refer to the description and prerequisites for this course found on the ACA website here for L-3 outcomes and here for L-4 outcomes.

  • As described in the ACA description, participants in this training and assessment are familiar with ACA certifications and courses. We anticipate participation by L-2 (qualified for training only), L-3, L-4 certified instructors wishing to obtain this additional counter-part certification as well as seeking in-depth training in leadership, judgement and on-water scenario strategies provided in this course.
  • Because we have a CK-ITE and CK- IT as our faculty (depending on the number of sign-ups we will bring in additional coaches) we are able to accept participation at these various participant levels and adjust the intensity of skill and knowledge challenges to meet the appropriate participant level during the course.
  • In the Great Lakes paddling environment it is difficult for participants to achieve Level 4 Instructor Certification or Level 4 Trip Leader certification because of the required combination of sea conditions for testing. Without tides and currents we depend on a unique combination of wind speeds, wave heights and surf that must occur on the assessment day(s).
  • IF conditions occur at any time during the four day CKTL course – those L-3 &4 participants wishing to assess at the OWCKTL level will have the opportunity to demonstrate the skills necessary to accomplish this level.
  • BUT! This is not a guarantee so participants must realize that pending conditions, the top level Trip Leader assessment they may achieve during this course is the L-3.  Caveat to that:    * As is the case for Instructor Certifications; if a candidate shows strong assessment outcomes in all areas but conditions were not present to complete a full assessment; that candidate may be able to enter a OWCKTL L-4 assessment in another location that has the necessary conditions to complete the award.
  • L-2-4 Instructors are invited and welcomed to participate in the Trip Leader course and/or the ICE to satisfy an Update requirement to their certifications.






This three hour course is THE comprehensive introduction to sea kayaking in the Apostle Islands. Offered mornings and afternoons, these fun and informative sessions form a solid platform to spring-board a lifetime of sea kayaking adventures. Learn it right, from the beginning, with the best. Included in the course is: equipment orientation, basic strokes & deep water rescues, local weather information, trip planning, details on kayak packing and camping, judgment and safety considerations for inner Island navigation.

COST: $60 as a stand alone course or $50 if renting equipment from us.
Call for information and to set up a reservation for you and/or your group.

* For a great full day paddling experience; follow up a morning INTRODUCTORY SAFETY COURSE with an afternoon SHIPWRECK HALFDAY TOUR!
* Check out our TEACHING & TOURING course for two great days on the water.





We offer private lessons for individuals and small groups. During our busy season, we recommend that you call in early to schedule your session to ensure instructor availability. A private session with a coach is a great way to accelerate your skills and get that one-on-one attention to detail. We can help shape the curriculum for you, or work with your desired expectations.

Private lesson cost: $50 per hour / minimum of 3 hours. Add $20/hr for each additional person. Maximum of 5 students per instructor.