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Silver & Gold

April 21, 2014

Around the end of May each year, Living Adventure staff converge in the Bayfield area to begin training for their summer work. Each season we have 30 or so talented employees whose job profiles spread across four departments; sea kayak guides, office personnel, field operations specialists and kitchen staff. Division managers oversee each area, keeping it all coordinated and fluid.

Picture2Along with the welcome return of warmth and daylight savings time, each season we are infused by a migration of new staff whose geographical boundaries reach far o’er land and sea. They are drawn here personally and professionally by both the reputation of the Apostle Islands as a world class paddling destination and the reputation of Living Adventure (LAI) as a model business in the outdoor industry. Their bags are packed full of fresh perspective and love of the natural world. They come loaded with previous skills as well as intention to take advantage of new growth opportunities presented by a summer of training and commitment with LAI.

They’re the silver lining to our summer season.


Picture3As we’ve grown over the years, a solid group of staff members thankfully keep coming back as sure as the buds on spring flowers. They bring continuity to our ongoing operations as well as innovations from their winter lives. Their knowledge of this area is deep and wide, about as deep and wide as their love for Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. Their robust spirit is contagious and sparks our new staff with excitement for their upcoming summer. Our customers are not immune to their spirit either; many come back year after year requesting these favorites to once again guide their Superior adventure with humor, safety and wizened insight.

They’re worth their weight in gold.

The Apostle Islands have been called the jewels of Lake Superior. The gems that circle Living Adventure are silver and gold, new and old, and form a necklace of collective experience and skills that rocks our world.

Take a look at some of the ‘oldies but goodies’ here on the site:

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